Volunteer Opportunities

Firefighters (18+): FVFD Firefighters train and respond to structure, vehicle, and outdoor fires, vehicle, and specialized rescues, and other emergencies or calls for service and assistance.
Junior Firefighters (14-17 years old): Our Junior Firefighters work side by side with active members to learn teamwork, practice firefighting techniques, maintain firefighter skills, participate in firefighting drills, and much more.
Fundraising/Administration/Operational Support: Administrative-Operational Support members assist in the business and administrative operations of the department, such as helping to plan community events or events for the department members. They further provide operational assistance to our Firefighter members by bringing food, beverages, etc. to incidents. These members also assist with the fundraising efforts for our department which help FVFD to purchase turnout gear, equipment, team dinners, and much more.
  • Lifelong Camaraderie
  • Free Training
  • Free PPE & Apparel
  • Specialized/Technical Training